Our Mission

At Pixel Guild we strive to make sure that smaller businesses have the representation on the internet they need to survive. With the blinding pace of technology today and the demands of a growing small business, you don't have time to focus on web-development as well as keeping your business on an upward trajectory. That's where we come in.

Deliver a high quality web design

Support our customers through the lifecycle of their product

Make the process of planning, designing, and implementing a website as painless as possible

What we offer


Pixel Guild offers an array of services to you the local business owner. We develop, design, host, and collaborate to get you a website you can be proud of.

Web Design

Web design is our forte. Dynamic, mobile friendly web sites are what we specialize in. We love giving our customers top of the line products.


The development life-cycle can be a little bewildering to many of our clients. But we break it down into plain English so you can understand what is happening while your site is being built.


We offer cutting edge cloud webhosting that we manage. Your site will be up and running on some of the most stable, secure servers in the world.

Logo Design

With our in-house graphics designer we can mock up multiple logos to meet your needs and tastes. We can build logos that are memorable and cutting edge.


With our logo design we can push your branding to the next level and make your brand stand out among your competition.


Our customers are the air we breathe. If anything is wrong with your site let us know ASAP. However, we also have a robust automated internal monitoring system, so we will be notified right away if there's a major issue.

About Pixel Guild

Meet the founder of Pixel Guild.

Tyler Queen
Founder and Full Stack Developer

Tyler is a Full Stack Developer that has been building websites over 20 years and has a passion for new technology and quality end user experiences. He has managed teams of developers and worked as a freelancer on a large number of projects. He is fluent in CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache and graphic design.