Pixel Guild Website Research



Our entire process begins with you. Once you decide to have the Pixel Guild team work on your project we begin the research phase. During this time we will be meeting with you discussing the goals you have, how you would like to be represented on the web, the look and feel you're aiming for, and what offerings we have to meet those goals.

Website Photography


Photography (optional)

During this phase our in-house photographer will work with you to schedule a time for a photography session. This can include photographs of your business, staff, products, offerings, and you. The photographer will take a broad array of images for you to choose from. Once the photographs have been touched up in post we will use them in the site and hand them all over to you (if they're used in the site or not).

Website Photography
Website Design



After the research phase where we've gathered information about what you'd like to achieve, this phase can begin. During this phase we will be designing the layout of your site, the pages, placement of images, prioritizing important information within the site. This stage is vital for the look and feel of your site to make sure it looks up-to-date and modern.

Website Development


Front-End Development

After the layout of the site is designed, and we have the necessary photographs or video content. We begin coding the front-end of your site. This is the customer facing portion that your customers will see when they visit your site.

Website Development
Website Back End Development


Back-End Development (optional)

The back-end development of a site can require a fair amount of work or almost none depending on what you're looking for. During this phase we will be coding the behind-the-scenes working of your site. For instance, if you're a restaurant with simple "About Us", "Menu", and "Contact" pages, then this phase will be very short. However, if you're looking for us to develop a blog page where you can update content quickly then this phase can take longer.

Website Content


Content Placement

At this point in the process your site is designed, the images are placed, and it's ready to go! Right? Well, not quite. We're going to need information from you that will be placed in the site. For instance some things we might need would be:

  • Your backstory for the about us page
  • Some brief bios for your team members
  • Product or offering descriptions
Website Content
Website Testing



Every stage of the process is vital but testing is one of the most important. During this phase we'll be testing all the functionality of your site. And when we say "we'll be testing", we mean "you and Pixel Guild". We'll direct you to our prepatory environment so you can test your new site and make sure it lives up to expectations and functions how you'd like. We absolutely cannot have your site going out in the world representing you and your business if it's not working how you'd like.

Website Go Live


Go Live

The. Best. Phase. This is the most exciting phase of the entire process. After testing is complete and you sign-off on the site, it goes out into the world. This is an excellent time to make an announcement on social media, make sure your URL is on your business cards, or tell your family and friends to share your new home on the web.

Website Go Live

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